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# Workshop Title Workshop Date Workshop Place Capacity Registration Fee Contributors Teacher Name
1 Circular supply chain management
2022-02-02 14:00-16:30
0 Euros 0 Turkish Lira
0 Dr. Paulina Golinska-Dawson, DSc., PhD, Eng. (Dr. Habil. Eng.)
2 Evaluating the environmental efficiency of OECD countries with DEA in the context of the circular economy
2022-02-03 14:00-14:45
0 Euros 0 Turkish Lira
0 Dr. Reza Kiani Mavi
3 Importance of Circular Economy for Sustainable Development
2022-02-02 15:15-16:00
0 Euros 0 Turkish Lira
0 Dr. Abdullah Yildizbasi
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